Yoga Varkala

Beginners course

The course caters for people who have never experienced Yoga or who have a limited knowledge and wish to discover the many benefits of  Yoga practice.
During the seven days, the students learn the techniques of ancient yoga to stay young, vibrant, energetic, healthy and stress free. By the end of the course, they have developed a good knowledge of safe, effective techniques that they can continue to practice in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.
The course covers the following:
The two hour sessions are run as workshops, with demonstrations, explanations, discussions and guided practice. There is plenty of time to clarify any doubts and correct any mistakes.
The sessions are conducted in a serious, but friendly and relaxed manner, and the students are encouraged and supported to attempt all asanas and to give full attention, and listen to, their bodies. Students are not put under any pressure or stress as Vasudev's approach is gentle. He is quick to catch the mistakes of the students and able to correct and adjust their poses.
The students who complete the course gain an excellent understanding of the correct way to do asanas, pranayama and relaxation, and feel confident to join any Hatha Yoga class.